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News: The miCube moved to Github

Our open (single-molecule) microscopy project, the #miCube, is now on Github [link]!  The page shows a detailed and updated overview of the components, some information on phasor-based SMLM, and many links to similar open hardware projects.  

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miCube: 3D super-resolution microscopy

Here the specs: 50k frames, 850k localisations, 6 min for data analysis. Many thanks to Sander Baas, Koen Martens and Arjen Bader, with cells provided by Gert-Jan Bakker and Ben Joosten (both Radboudumc, Nijmegen).

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News: (Update) miCube: Rethinking modular fluorescence microscopy

Hurrah, we finalised the design of our miCube (V0.1)! Details can be found [here] and include part numbers, CAD-drawings and STL files for CNC machining/milling or 3D printing published under a Creative Common license. Big shout out to Sander Baas … Continue reading

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miCube V0.1: first tests

We finally managed to perform some test experiments and it is looking very promising! We tracked small fluorescent quantum dots (< 5 nm diameter) diffusing in water (20% glycerol) and we were happy to learn that even for such a … Continue reading

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News: miCube V0.1 prototyping

We just got the very first version from the workshop to test the general design layout. Looks promising. The cube went back to drill and tap a few more holes and to receive a black anodisation.

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Introducing miCube V0.1: Rethinking modular fluorescence microscopy

Update: Follow the link or Twitter (#miCube) for the lastest information. Fluorescence microscopy is an extremely powerful and versatile technique contributing to many areas of the life sciences. Especially variants featuring the ability to monitor single-molecule fluorescence, however, require sophisticated … Continue reading

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