Dr. Johannes Hohlbein

After obtaining a Ph.D. in Physics (2008, Universität Halle-Wittenberg), I worked as a postdoc in the ‘Gene Machines’ group of Achilles Kapanidis at the University of Oxford. Since 2012 I am working in the Laboratory of Biophysics at Wageningen UR, first as an assistant professor and currently as a tenured associate professor. My lab looks into the amazing world of DNA-protein interactions and food structure utilizing methods of single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and super-resolution microscopy.

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Suyeon Yang (PhD student)

Suyeon joined the group in November 2018. In collaboration with John van Duynhoven (Unilever and Laboratory of Biophysics) and as part of the big NWO CHIPP LICENSE consortium, she will study lipid oxidation at oil/water interfaces using super-resolution microscopy.

Abbas Jabermoradi (PhD student)

Abbas joined in April 2019. In collaboration with John van Duynhoven (Unilever and Laboratory of Biophysics) and as part of a NWO TA LOCALBIOFOOD consortium, he will study super-resolution based localisation of biomolecules at food-related interfaces.

Mariska Brüls (PhD student)

Mariska joined the Voets lab in Eindhoven (Link) in March 2020. As part of the joined NWO TA LOCALBIOFOOD consortium, she will study super-resolution based localisation of biomolecules at food-related interfaces. Mariska will relocate to our lab in early 2022.

Martijn Gobes (PhD student)

Martijn joined the group in April 2022. As part of the NWO OTP consortium “Measurement and Modelling of Multiscale Processed Protein Products (MP3)”, a collaboration with TU/d, WFBR and a consortium of companies (Cargill, Unilever, DSM, Friesland Campina), he will study anisotropic structures in food-related matrices.

Lorenzo Olivi (PhD student)

Lorenzo is working in the Bacterial Genetics group (van der Oost and Staals group) and developed a strong interest in all things single-molecule and single-cell imaging of DNA-protein interactions.

Vinayaka Damle (Pdoc)

Vinayaka joined the UNLOCK consortium and the group in November 2022 to set-up and develop Raman assisted single cell sorting for screening if microbial species.

Sophie van den Boom (BSc student)

Sophie joined in March 2023 for her BSc thesis. Sophie is co-supervised with the Laboratory of Bionanotechnology and will work on the detection of PUFAs at the single-molecule level.

Laboratory of Biophysics

We are very grateful for the strong support by the various members of the Laboratory of Biophysics.

Previous group members and alumni

Stef van der Krieken (BSc, 2013), Stefan Hutten (BSc, 2013), Jaap Keijsers (MSc, 2014), Alejandro Montón (Erasmus PhD student, 2014), Jochem Vink (MSc, 2014), Koen Tensen (BSc, 2015), Mattia Fontana (MSc, 2015), Cris Verweij (BSc, 2016), Lonneke Zuidgeest (Internship-stagiair, 2016), Rebecca Kaup (BSc , 2016), Gea van de Kerkhof (MSc, 2016), Ebru Acun (Internship-stagiair, 2016), Stan van de Wall (BSc, 2016), Timo Wenzel (Internship, 2016), Shazia Farooq (PhD, 2017), Jan Groen (MSc, 2017), Charlotte Westbroek (MSc, 2017), Sander Baas (MSc, 2017), Andreas Hentrich (Internship, 2018), Hans Dekker (Capita Selecta, 2018), Carel Fijen (PhD, 2018), Meike Kronenberg (BSc, 2018), Sam van Beljouw (MSc, 2018), Ben Tumulero (BSc, 2019), Sven Koens (BSc, 2019), George Vogelaar (MSc, 2019), Vincent Boerkamp (MSc, 2019), Šarūnė Ivanovaitė (Erasmus+ student, 2020), Elmar van der Wijk (MSc, 2020), Ezra Bekkering (BSc, 2020), Dani Kortekaas (BSc, 2020), Koen Martens (PhD, 2020), Mattia Fontana (PhD, 2021), Mink Neeleman (BSc, 2021), Casper Peters (BSc, 2021), Martijn Gobes (MSc, 2021), Simon van der Els (Research Assistant, 2021), Cleo Bagchus (MSc, 2021), Victor Pool (Research Assistant, 2021), Niels Zijlstra (pdoc, 2021), Tim Hendriksen (BSc, 2022), Vinishaa Umansankar (MSc 2022), Maes Langendoorn (MSc, 2023), Thijs Hermans (BSc, 2023)