Current snapshot of our constantly evolving miCube. For other related blog posts see [link]. The project has been supported by Wageningen Shared Research Facilities [link]. Latest updates: 2017-06-15 (3D printing settings); 2017-06-12 (STL files updated)


Exploded view with individual parts:

Excitation: Omicron Lighthub 6 (e.g. 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm laser) matched with suitable filters and polychroic beam splitters from Chroma. Settings for 3D printing: [link].

  1. Glass plate insert (size: 96-wells plate holder, 127.8 mm x 85.5 mm)
  2. ASI-Piezoconcept XYZ stage (ASI, Optophase)
  3. Objective (Nikon TIRF NA 1.49 HP SR, link)
  4. Top cover (see details below)
  5. Main block miCube (see details below)
  6. Dichroic mirror holder (Thorlabs: DFM1/M)
  7. Connector for dichroic mirror and mirror (Thorlabs: C4W-CC)
  8. 45˚ elliptical mirror (Thorlabs: KCB1E/M and BBE1-E02)
  9. Front cover miCube (see details below)
  10. Connector for excitation cover (Thorlabs: LCP02/M)
  11. Excitation cover (Thorlabs: SM1L20)
  12. TIRF lens (200 mm focal length, Thorlabs: AC254-200-A-ML)
  13. Spacer for excitation pathway (Thorlabs: SM1L05)
  14. Aperture (Thorlabs: SM1D12SZ)
  15. Reflective collimator (Thorlabs: RC12SMA-P01)
  16. Reflective collimator holder (see below)
  17. Right-angle mounting plate (Thorlabs: AP90/M)
  18. 25 mm Translation Stage (Thorlabs: PT1/M)
  19. Camera (Andor Zyla 4.2+, link)
  20. Camera mount (see details below)
  21. Astigmatism lens holder (see details below; lens: Thorlabs: LJ1516RM or LJ1144RM)
  22. same as above
  23. Astigmatism block (see details below)
  24. Emission cover (cut to length: Thorlabs: SC600)
  25. Swappable emission filters (Thorlabs: LCFH1-B and LCFH1-F)
  26. Tube filter block adapter (see details below)
  27. Filter housing (Thorlabs: LCFH1/M)
  28. Tube lens holder (Thorlabs: LCP01/M)
  29. Tube lens adapter (Thorlabs: SM2A20)
  30. Tube lens (200 mm, Thorlabs: ITL200 or similar)
Milled aluminium parts for main Cube. [PDF-CAD-file ]
glass-plate-insert_v0-11 (1) Stage insert (cover glass holder) [stl-file]
topcover_v0-1 (4) Top cover miCube [stl-file]
micube-block_v0-1 (5) Main block miCube [stl-file]
frontcover_v0-1 (9) Front cover miCube [stl-file]
3D printed parts for excitation path
reflective-collimator-holder_v0-1 (16) Reflective collimator holder [stl-file]
3D printed parts for detection path
camera-mount_v0-1 (20) Camera mount [stl-file]
astigmatism-block_v0-1 (21,22) Astigmatism block [stl-file]
astigmatism-lens-holder_v0-1 (23) Astigmatism lens holder [stl-file]
tube-filter-block-adapter_v0-1 (26) Tube to filter-block connector [stl-file]

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